Unearth your Next Mediterranean Vacation Destination

Pristine beaches, mountain inlands and ancient history await


Croatia is a cultural crossroads on the Adriatic Sea. Greeks, Romans, and Slavs have all left their mark on this alluring place. Overflowing with history and natural wonder, it’s a labyrinth of crumbling castles, rugged mountains, and azure waters. Legend has it that the Greek explorer Odysseus was marooned on the island of Mljet for seven years — you won’t blame him for not leaving sooner.


From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance, Italy has shaped our world in unshakable ways. High art like sculpture, architecture, and philosophy co-existed alongside legionaries and gladiators in strange harmony. Its landscape, too, is remarkably varied; from the high peaks of the frozen Alps, to the warm sapphire waters of its surrounding Seas. Discover Italy — one espresso at a time.


Slovenia — the Balkan’s hidden gem. Over the ages, Slavic, Germanic, and Romantic influences have forged a distinctly Slovenian culture. Though small, it’s a country of endless fascination for those who can’t resist the call of the wild: robust, snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes of primeval turquoise, and ancient medieval towns. Answer the call today.


For your average tourist, Montenegro is off-the-beaten-path. It’s a place of rugged mountains and limestone peaks, pristine beaches and glacial fjords, marvelous history and diverse wildlife. This Balkan country beckons you to discover its historic monasteries and hike its breathtaking national parks. Be beyond average.


Greece is a land of Gods and Titans, myths and heroes. A place synonymous with culture and civilization. A country with a thousand colorful threads to unravel, from the famed Acropolis citadel in mainland Athens, to the lush islands scattered across the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Which ship will you embark on next? Your own odyssey awaits.