The holiday season has arrived, and Orlando and Miami are dressed in lights and joy to welcome Christmas and New Year. If you’re planning your trip to these vibrant destinations, here are some unforgettable activities to make the most of the celebrations:

1. Christmas Lights at Walt Disney World, Orlando:

Immerse yourself in the magic of the lights at Walt Disney World. The theme parks light up with spectacular decorations, festive parades, and encounters with Christmas characters. An enchanting experience for the whole family!

2. Ice Skating in Downtown Orlando:

Experience the thrill of outdoor ice skating in downtown Orlando. Enjoy festive music as you glide on ice, feeling the holiday spirit.

3. Christmas Markets in Miami:

Explore Christmas markets in Miami, where you’ll find unique gifts, handmade decorations, and culinary delights. A perfect place to dive into the festive atmosphere!

4. Light Shows at Bayfront Park, Miami:

Bayfront Park transforms into a dazzling light show during the Christmas season. Take a nighttime stroll as the lights illuminate the city, filling the air with festive spirit.

5. Christmas Eve Dinner at Iconic Restaurants:

Both in Orlando and Miami, many restaurants offer special Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners. Enjoy a unique culinary experience while celebrating with your loved ones.

6. Illuminated Boat Parade in Miami:

Experience the beauty of the illuminated boat parade in Biscayne Bay. Boats adorned with Christmas lights create a charming spectacle on the waters of Miami.

7. New Year’s Eve at Icon Park, Orlando:

Welcome the New Year at Icon Park in Orlando, where fun is guaranteed. With live entertainment, fireworks, and world-class restaurants, it’s the perfect place to ring in the new year.

8. Festival of Lights at Zoo Miami:

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Festival of Lights at Zoo Miami. Enjoy light sculptures, interactive activities, and close encounters with nocturnal wildlife.

9. Christmas Shopping at Disney Springs, Orlando:

Do your Christmas shopping at Disney Springs, where themed stores and festive decorations create a unique shopping atmosphere.

10. Plan Your Stay with Short-Term Rentals:

Make the most of your trip by planning your stay in short-term rentals in Orlando and Miami. Enjoy the comfort of a home away from home while exploring all these festive activities.

11. Home Away from Home in Short-Term Rentals:

Experience the comfort of a home away from home by choosing short-term rentals. Enjoy spacious accommodations, fully equipped kitchens, and the privacy needed to relax after a day full of festive activities.

12. Christmas Decor Included:

Some short-term rentals offer Christmas decorations, eliminating the need to worry about decorating the space. Just arrive and immerse yourself immediately in the magic of the season.


With these suggestions, your trip to Orlando and Miami during the holiday season will be unforgettable. 

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